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How do we make coloring books that come to life

Would you like to learn about the mystery of creating new heroes, how they are born and how they appear in the book?

It all starts with an idea, sometimes it comes right away, and sometimes you have to think it through. There are times when a single person comes up with an idea in their mind, and other times when the whole group needs to think about it. There isn't a specific formula, this is part of creativity. If everything was the same it would just be boring!

For example, the idea of monsters was born in the head of one person, however the whole team thought of the coloring book "Transportation." All ideas are added into a general document and sent to the artist to create sketches for the coloring book.

In fact, the artist can literally make a finished book in just a few days, which can be colored-in, will not have magic and nothing will come to life. To transfer the characters into the 3D world, we use several technologies, including Unity 3D with Vuforia.

The creation of three-dimensional characters is done by a 3D modeler- a man who literally can sculpt a flying airplane from a ball, and figuratively knock Pinocchio off a log. The finished 3D-objects are distributed on the appropriate pages of the coloring book, however, at this stage they can not yet move and remain motionless.

Next, in just seconds the animator writes out the story of each picture. When a short story is added it becomes more interesting to color and interact with the picture. He also adds sound, making the monster laugh and the Princess dance or sing.

Then the developer transfers the animated scenes to the application for iOS or Android, specifying certain areas of the picture from which after coloring, the color with be transferred to animate the characters. By specifying the order of the pages of the coloring book and the animation scenes, the developer loads the data onto the server.

All that's left is to test the first printed copy of the coloring book. We test the application together, paint the pages with markers, make corrections, and when there is nothing more to correct, we send the final version of the coloring book to the printer.

That's all! Books come out looking bright and smelling like fresh-printed ink, ready to make children and adults happy!

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