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How to increase profits using augmented reality

Augmented reality can not only entertain, but also help sell your goods and services. How? I can share a few ideas.

Before we go into details, it is necessary to clarify the terminology and determine what is augmented reality. The technology of augmented reality allows you to integrate digital objects into reality with the help of specially invented software.

The most obvious example of using AR technology of course is the game "Pokémon Go". But even without Pokémon, AR has long been a part of the life of modern users of social media networks: masks of rabbits, seals and dogs, stickers and inscriptions in the stories Instagram, VKontakte and Snapchat, all created using AR technology. Digital objects are masks and stickers, and real-world objects are the faces of users.

Until recently, only large IT companies could afford to use AR in their products, since the introduction of the technology required long and correspondingly expensive research aimed at optimizing the technology, because not all gadgets were able to cope with such a load on RAM. Fortunately, for modern smartphones, this is no longer a problem, so the number of applications of augmented reality will increase in rapid progression, especially given Apple's augmented reality that greatly simplified the creation of such applications.

Now that there is no doubt that augmented reality is a technology that will determine future interaction with the digital world. We will give examples of how you can use it for business today.

Case: A mobile app with augmented reality for restaurants and cafes

Customer: A chain restaurant


- Making changes to the menu is too expensive, because you have to reprint pages that include color images of the dishes. It is also expensive to print additional materials (leaflets and inserts about promotions and special offers).

- A text menu does not give a complete idea of what the dish looks like, so it does not stimulate the guests to order.


Use the text menu along with the augmented reality application The application will:

- Show recommended drinks and side dishes on the same page with the main dish.

- quickly make changes to the ingredients of a dish and it's appearance;

- use video clips to show a dish or it's preparation

Situation: Mobile application with augmented reality for advertising agencies

Consumer: advertising agency on public transportation.


- Limited space to place an advertised message.

- As a result there is limited information on the first advertisement.

- No animations even though the passengers have enough time to see it fully.


Allow the advertiser an opportunity to use digital advertising in addition to the written advertisement.

The application allows you to add to the advertisement:

- a slideshow of the products;

- a product catalog;

- interactive mini-game;

- special discounts and offers;

- video clip.

Situation: Mobile application with augmented reality for printed and polygraphic products.

Consumer: a network of training centers all around Russia.


- The textbook is boring and not interactive enough for the child

- The feature is useful for the development of arithmetic skills for children under the age of 4 but, at this age not all children can read and therefore it is hard to understand the material.

- Not enough tools to support a desire and motivation to learn.


A mobile application that renders animated characters in augmented reality that provide instruction to children that are not able to read. These applications allow you to view the progress of the child's learning and reward them with virtual prizes for reaching a new level.

Why use templates? I am certain that you can use your imagination to think of something that will impress everyone.

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