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How is reality augmented

How to use animated coloring.

As a reminder, through the wonder of augmented reality, digital objects can come to life by using special programs. For the ""Come to life"" coloring book the ""Animar"" application that can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play was used.

The first step is to actually color in the page in the coloring book, even though the app can bring to life a black and white image. As soon as the monster, car or princess is colored in, they start to take shape.

Any picture in the coloring book has three copies that are saved in our data storage. When you open the application, bring the phone over the cover of the book, then over the colored-in page. This will allow the ""Animar"" application to identify the picture and display a 3D animated rendering.

It takes not more than 5 seconds to load the 3D model, after which on the phone screen a large character figure appears. Moreover, if you hold the screen, a monster (princess, tractor or cock) will perform a dance or a pair of triple axles right at your desk. At any time the performance and character can be photographed and shared in social networks, which we constantly check and have giveaways for the most original photographs.

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