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How to animate pictures in the “Animar” application?

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1. Download the "Animar" application on the App Store or Google Play.

2. Start the application and press the large pink button to turn on the camera.

3. Point the phone at the picture so that it fits completely on the screen, this is necessary to recognize the image and load the 3D model.
Please note: in our application, the only pictures that can be animated are the ones that have next to it an "AnimarMedia" icon on the QR-code.

How is reality augmented

How to use animated coloring. As a reminder, through the wonder of augmented reality, digital objects can come to life by using special programs. For the ""Come to life"" coloring book the ""Animar"" application that can be downloaded in the App Store or Google Play was used. The first step is to actually color in the page in…
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An offer to promote business

How to increase profits using augmented reality Augmented reality can not only entertain, but also help sell your goods and services. How? I can share a few ideas. Before we go into details, it is necessary to clarify the terminology and determine what is augmented reality. The technology of augmented reality allows you to integrate…
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How do we make coloring books that come to life

Would you like to learn about the mystery of creating new heroes, how they are born and how they appear in the book? It all starts with an idea, sometimes it comes right away, and sometimes you have to think it through. There are times when a single person comes up with an idea in…
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